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Swimming is one of the best ways to cool off in hot weather, but it can also be dangerous. Promoting swimming pool safety rules and practices is your responsibility if you have a home swimming pool. Review these tips and implement them at your backyard pool.

The Whole Family Should Understand Swimming Pool Safety

You can start practicing water safety by making sure everyone in your family has basic swimming skills. It is best to teach children how to swim when they are very young, but it is never too late.

Watch Young Children

One of the first rules of swimming pool safety is to supervise children. To make sure your children are safe, you should have one adult designated to watch them. This should be someone responsible who won’t get distracted. Take turns with this responsibility, so each of you can enjoy breaks to relax throughout the day.

Be Wary of Drains

Your drains should be covered with a grate that passes safety standards set by the Pool and Spa Safety Act to reduce drowning risks. The suction caused by drains can be powerful enough to pull an adult down and cause them to drown. In addition to covering the drains, make sure your children know to stay away from the drains. Even with a proper cover, the drain may be enough to pull a small child down, so guardians should be especially watchful for children playing near them.

Swimming Pool Safety Requires a Fence

If you have a pool on your property, swimming pool safety should be a concern even when you’re not present. Your pool should be surrounded by a fence that’s more than four feet tall, so people can’t climb over it. There should be just one entrance gate that closes and latches automatically. When the pool is unattended, the gate should be sealed with a padlock to prevent people from gaining access to the pool. The swimming pool should also be covered when it’s not in use.

Get CPR-Certified

Many courses in CPR also teach first aid, so taking the course can help you learn a broad range of life-saving techniques. Children as young as nine can attend classes and become proficient in these safety practices. Your family can take a CPR and first aid course together.

Following these suggestions can help you reduce the risk of an accident in the water, so your whole family can enjoy your backyard pool. In general, practicing common sense and keeping an eye on one another will go a long way in staying safe.

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