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As a homeowner, you may think about the possibilities of flooding or fire, but what about damage caused by storms and strong winds? High winds can cause issues to the most vulnerable parts of a home. When you live in an area with frequent storms, it’s important to check your house and protect your home from wind damage.

Ways to Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

Take Care of Your Roof

During heavy storms, high winds threaten to tear away asphalt shingles or panels of metal roofing. This leaves the building susceptible to water damage. Protecting your home from wind damage begins with securing the roofing with fasteners or clips. Also, it’s important to repair any existing damage before a storm hits.

Cover or Seal Doors and Windows

Strong wind can wreak havoc on doors and windows in your home. Install storm shutters over windows and any glass doors on the property. Also, make sure doors and windows are well-sealed. Wind and rain can enter through the tiniest openings.

Pay attention to your garage doors. During a windstorm, garage doors can be ripped off, damaging the structure of the home and the vehicles inside the garage. This is more likely for double garage doors due to a greater exposed surface. Strong winds can knock your garage door loose from the roller track and tear off the anchor bolts if not tightly secured.

Protect Your Home From Wind Damage by Repairing Siding

Inspect your siding. If it’s older or damaged, replace it or make repairs as soon as possible. Reattach pieces of loose siding. Secure metal siding with clips or fasteners. Cover exposed edges with molding or metal caps as another way of protecting your home from wind damage.

Reduce Exterior Threats

Although trees close to the house provide shade, they can also cause damage during a wind storm. Inspect the trees surrounding your home and make sure they are far enough away to not damage the house if they fall. Trim any limbs above buildings or the driveway that could cause damage or injury if broken.

Anchor down outdoor buildings, like garden sheds and playhouses. Use tie-downs or ground anchors if there is no permanent foundation. Check fence posts to make sure they have solid footings.

Outdoor furniture, grills, and trash cans can be carried by the wind and may damage your home or a neighbor’s property. When a storm is approaching, bring them indoors, bolt them to your patio or deck, or use cables or chains to keep them secure.

Schedule a Wind Mitigation Inspection

For protection and peace of mind, schedule an appointment with a home inspector for a wind mitigation Inspection. This inspection consists of checking the house and making notes about how well your home can withstand wind. The inspector will make recommendations on how to better protect your home. In addition to helping you protect your home, an inspection can sometimes mean savings on homeowners insurance premiums. Talk to your insurance company about possible discounts or credits for taking steps to protect your home from wind damage.

Take action before the wind has a chance to cause damage to your home. This will help keep your family safe and your home in good condition the next time a storm hits.

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