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If you’ve lived in your home for several years, it’s good to learn about the current condition of the property. Perhaps you’ve noticed gaps or cracks forming around windows or in the chimney, or you want to know the expected lifespan of the roofing. Call a professional inspector for a home maintenance inspection. This inspection provides a detailed overview of the condition of your home.

What is a Home Maintenance Inspection?

Like an inspection that you would order when you purchase a house, a maintenance inspection is a complete assessment of the condition of a property. An unbiased third party will examine the systems and components of the home. He or she will provide a report with images and notes detailing any problems and concerns with the property.

Prioritize Repair Work

The most common reason for requesting a maintenance inspection is to know what work needs to be done around the home. As a homeowner, you won’t always notice defects and problems. An inspector is a well-trained professional who will be able to pinpoint issues in your home.

Locate Safety Concerns

Another benefit of a maintenance inspection is to make sure your home is healthy and safe. The inspector will find and note safety concerns throughout the property. He or she will report on loose handrails, faulty wiring, noticeable mold growth, damaged roofing, poor grading and drainage, and other problems.

Preserve Your Investment with a Home Maintenance Inspection

A home is a major investment of time and money and it requires upkeep to maintain its value. The information provided in the inspection report will help you determine what repairs need to take place in order to keep the property in great shape.

Plan for a Future Sale

Even if you’re not planning on selling the house soon, a maintenance inspection can help you prepare for when you list the property on the market. When you know the condition of the home, you can make plans to address problems and concerns that will need to be fixed before a sale.

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