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The backyard deck is a great place to spend time outdoors with your family and friends. Let’s look at ways to make your deck more comfortable and inviting. Here are a few easy deck upgrades so that your outdoor living spaces just as comfortable as indoors.

Add a Fire Pit

Build or purchase a fire pit to add warmth to your deck. You can choose a wood-burning fire pit or a modern, propane-fueled option. Install the fire pit so it is at least 15 feet away from the house. Keep it a safe distance from furniture, plants, and the patio umbrella. Your fire pit will make the deck more comfortable on cooler evenings.

Easy Deck Upgrades: Install Lighting

There are various types of lighting for your deck. Lights improve visibility and make the space more welcoming. Install torches with citronella fuel to combat mosquitoes and string lights for a festive look.

Deck post lights can be wired in by an electrician or you can install a solar-powered model if you have sufficient sunlight to charge it. Add LED stake lights along the walkway to the deck and to container garden pots to illuminate the greenery.

Build a Pergola

A pergola is an easy-to-build structure that allows light in but helps protect your deck from the sun. If you’re a DIY person, you can find plans online or purchase a pergola kit to build yourself. You can decorate the finished structure with string lights and hanging baskets of bright flowers or trailing ivy.

Use Fabrics for Easy Deck Upgrades

To make the outdoor living spaces more comfortable, add soft cushions, throw pillows, an outdoor rug, blankets, and curtains. Fabrics provide some sound-reduction and warmth. Curtains add privacy and help to define the space. Pillows and a rug make the backyard space feel more like an extension of the indoors.

Add a Privacy Screen

A wall, lattice divider, or even a row of quick-growing shrubs can be added to create privacy around your deck. Consider building a wall from recycled pallets or use lattice to support rose bushes or grow vining plants. A privacy wall also provides some shelter from winds and helps to keep your outdoor living space warmer.

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