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If you’re buying a house, you’ll order a home inspection to better understand the condition of the property. Before issuing a policy, your homeowners insurance company will often request more information about the house. They want to understand their risk in providing you with coverage on your purchase. The insurance company may request a 4-point home inspection before they sell you a policy for the property.

Order a 4-Point Home Inspection

If your homeowners insurance company requires an inspection, ask your home inspector if he or she will perform this service. A 4-point inspection is an abbreviated property inspection that focuses on the four main systems of a home. The information in the report helps the insurance company understand the risk they face in insuring your house. Depending on the findings of the inspection, the insurance provider may require you to make updates or repairs before offering coverage.

What Does the Inspection Include?

A 4-point inspection examines four major systems that are present in the home: plumbing, roof, electrical, and the HVAC (heating and cooling) system. Damage to these components is often expensive and time-consuming to repair.

Plumbing System

During the inspection, your inspector checks for water leaks. He or she will make note of the approximate age of the water heater. The type of plumbing pipes will also be listed: galvanized, CPVC, lead, copper, or polybutylene. The inspector will examine the condition of the pipes.

Roofing is Part of a 4-Point Home Inspection

During the 4-point inspection, your inspector will assess the condition of the roofing materials. The report will include information on the types of roofing materials present and the approximate age of the roof.

Electrical System

An old or damaged electrical system could lead to a house fire. The insurance company will want to verify the electrical components of the home are in good working order. Your inspection will note the types of wiring: aluminum, copper, or knob and tube. He or she will test outlets and check the electrical panel for signs of a problem.

Heating and Cooling

Insurance companies are interested in the HVAC system because a home may develop mold without indoor temperature control. Your inspector will report on the age and condition of the HVAC system and will note how it is powered. Some homeowners insurance companies won’t offer coverage for a building that doesn’t have a heating and cooling system.

If you’re buying a home, ask your homeowners insurance company if they require a 4-point inspection of the property. These are often requested for homes that are over 20 years old and properties in certain locations. Talk to your home inspector and see if he or she can complete a 4-point inspection for you in addition to the regular inspection.

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