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• Why do I need to hire an inspector?
Sometimes the excitement of buying a new home can blind you to potential problems that may be lurking. But a professional inspector will help you locate those potential problems and can even offer some suggestions for solutions. An inspector will also point out the positive aspects of the home.

• What are you looking for?
We will be checking the major components of the home to determine if these items are functioning as intended and/or if they are safe. This includes examination and analysis of the roof, attic, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems as well as readily accessible items such as interior/exterior walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, foundation, basement/crawl space.

• How long will the inspection take?
Generally between two and four hours.

• Will you cause any damage to the home?
No. The inspection is gentle to the home. No destructive or invasive testing is done.

• Who will receive a copy of the report?
The report is the property of our client and with their consent we will distribute a copy to all parties.

• How can I arrange an inspection for the home I'm thinking of buying?
For scheduling information, please contact us.

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